Becky Kelley comes from a musical family, and has lived out that legacy since she was barely old enough to sing. With her dad as a professional pianist, he would regularly kiss the kids and head out for gigs with his band a few nights a week. With music always in the home, it's not too surprising that Becky has landed where she is today. From taking the leads in high school musicals, singing for audiences numbering tens of thousands, viral music video debuts, to helping lead worship at her home church, Becky's voice has been heard by millions. Becky has established herself as a dynamic singer, performer and talented songwriter.

As a professional singer, Becky emerged onto the music scene in December of 2010 with her "Where's the Line to See Jesus" Christmas hit song and viral music video sensation. With the song's success; generating radio play in the U.S. and internationally reaching as far as Australia and Iceland, Becky decided to take a next step in her career with her debut pop album, "A Keeper". She turned to her musically-acclaimed, all-star friend in Nashville, Pat Flynn. As a guitarist, producer, and arranger, Flynn was eager to help her songs come to life in studio. In "A Keeper" you will hear all about love, hope, faith, break-ups, and heart-aches tied together with pop, rock, and country vibes. Her single, "Send an Angel" has inspired thousands and also has a YouTube video of its own. Some other fan favorites from that album include "Sweet Life", "Find a Way", and her remix of "Tell Him".

Becky has been back in the studio with Pat once again in 2014 with plans to release a new Christmas Lullaby she wrote for her two young children; and is now ready to share with her Christmas-loving fans around the world.

Through it all, Becky is so thankful to be able to sing for others and especially loves to use her voice as a way to share God's love- particularly to those who may not already know Him. She is still amazed by the power of a song and what God does in her life through music. He's truly amazing and she gives all glory to Him.

Keep a lookout for a spiritually-inspired, pop/rock-styled single from Becky in the Spring of 2015.